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The KARODON KA WALLET, a set tailored for both men and women, redefines your connection with money, inviting abundance into your life. Included is the exclusive “Karodon Ka Dollar”, meticulously crafted by Dr. Anjana Reetoria, holding profound significance that unfolds upon owning this wallet.

What distinguishes this wallet is its purported blessing by Anjana Reetoria, infusing a spiritual essence into the wealth manifestation experience. Widely believed to carry divine blessings, this wallet is thought to catalyze a positive shift in one’s financial journey, unlocking paths to prosperity.

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7 reviews for Karodon ka Wallet

  1. Sukanya Chakraborty

    I received the blessed wallet yesterday And I am very very Happy .The moment I received the wallet I gave command to fulfill all wealth wishes And don’t laid back Or become tired until And unless without making ur Name meaningful..thankyouu so much Anjana mam,I believe all your blessing with this wallet And I love you infinite.And surely very soon I can join your army.

  2. Ritika agrawal


  3. Tejaswini Dash

    Hello, Anjana Mam, luv u so much. A lots of blessings for you n Apple. Now I think I am a part of Karodon ki yatra mein. I love to get this beautiful wallet which is full of blessings for all the well being. Plz mam bless me for abundance, happiness financial stability after all a new beginning of my life after getting this. Thank you so much. U r a miracle women. U r my Universe. Becoz when I see you a beautiful smile a positive vibes automatically comes to my face. Thank u again. Luv u. I am meeting soon at NewYork.

  4. Meenakshi Kumari khatik

    Want it

  5. Prakriti vaidya


  6. Priti Rajwar

    Blessings notes from mam

  7. pooj couri

    thankyou mam you are too good bless me mam

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